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NEWS :: Jimmy Henchman Confesses Involvement In Tupac Murder

jimmy henchman tupac shakur involvement confession therealJMIC e1340714842714 NEWS :: Jimmy Henchman Confesses Involvement In Tupac Murder

The photo above is of Jimmy Henchman, the man who just confessed to being the brains behind the Tupac Shakur murder. After being convicted of running interstate drug operations Henchman admitted to being the mastermind behind 2Pac’s murder. Last summer Henchman’s (Rosemond) best friend Dexter Issac confessed that he had led the ambush that killed Pac so I guess it was only a matter of time before Henchman confessed as well.

The reason Henchman confessed was because he was part of a government program that allows suspects under investigation to enter an agreement with the government to confess knowledge of certain crimes under the strict circumstances that this knowledge will not be used to prosecute them.

Its tough to say whether or not Henchman and Issac were really involved, but here’s a lyric from one of Pac’s songs that points to Henchman, “Promised a payback, Jimmy Henchman, in due time. Who knows though, Pac could’ve been talking about anything. They both confessed knowing they couldn’t be prosecuted so for all we know it could’ve been for publicity but either way this does provide some sort of closure for Pac’s friends, family and fans. Long live the legend.

NEWS :: 50 Rockets Hit Israel In The Last 3 Days

50 rockets israel defense forces therealJMIC e1340241524611 NEWS :: 50 Rockets Hit Israel In The Last 3 Days

Imagine looking up at the sky, seeing a rocket full of explosives heading straight at you and having only 60 seconds to run for your life. I have a line in one of my unreleased songs that goes “bout to fight for the world cause I feel like it” and this is the type of sh*t I’m talking about. The helpless and innocent among these people need someone to fight for them. Be sure to follow @therealJMIC on twitter or ‘Like’ JMIC on facebook to stay updated with the latest news on these current events.

A Shark Tank Collapsed At Museum

shark tank collapse the scientific center kuwait therealJMIC e1339907006747 A Shark Tank Collapsed At Museum

A shark tank collapsed at The Scientific Center in Kuwait. Imagine being on your way down that escalator the moment the tank collapsed.. Real of fake?

NEWS :: National Radio Campaign for BIG ft. JMIC – Sick Wit It Soundz

Demo Squad dropped this track featuring JMIC back in October of last year. The owner of Demo Squad Jon Perrier just sent the word that he sealed the deal for a national radio campaign. This includes all the college stations, sirius XM and potentially a few other major stations.

Our Sun Erupts (Pictures and Video)

solar flare therealJMIC e1335867581605 Our Sun Erupts (Pictures and Video)

An eruption on April 16, 2012 was captured here by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory in the 304 Angstrom wavelength, which is typically colored in red. Credit: NASA/SDO/AIA.

The prominence (flare) shot off the left side of the sun in association with an M1 class flare that was not Earth-directed. Credit: NASA/SDO/GSFC