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Freestyle Competition

video rap contest therealjmic1 e1434594220654 Freestyle Competition

1. Record a video of you rapping and upload it to YouTube. must be in the title of the video.

2. Email the YouTube video to me with the subject “Rap Competition”. My email is

3. I will post your video on my blog with the other entries.

4. Once the videos are posted I will notify you. Then you get your friends to come to the site and leave a comment voting for you.

5. Whoever gets the most votes wins a cash prize and a featured post on for thousands of people to see.


Kendrick Lamar – The Heart Pt.2

kendrick lamar rap e1433991050553 Kendrick Lamar   The Heart Pt.2

Video :: Pusha T Funk Master Flex Freestyle (Hot 97)

Pusha T makes another appearance on Hot 97 with Funk Master Flex.

Video :: Kendrick Lamar (On The Cosmic Kev Show)

Kendrick Lamar spits some dope flow on the Cosmic Kev Show.

Crooked I – Power Circle Freestyle

Crooked I drops this Power Circle freestyle. His LA Leakers freestyle is the hardest sh*t ever though.