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Eminem – Kings Never Die

eminem kings never die e1436582256873 Eminem   Kings Never Die

Eminem finally drops the full version of Kings Never Die. Em is angry at the critics, whack rappers and fans that don’t know what the hell is happening. The main message he’s sending is that he’ll do whatever it takes to be remembered as a king, and Em, lets be real man.. Its undeniable that you’re one of the best to ever do it.

Quotable Lyrics:

Tryna secure your legacy like Shakur
And ensure that nobody’s ever gonna be what you were
So before you’re leaving this Earth
You want people to feel the fury of a pure evil cerebral berzerk
Deacon of words, syllable genius at work
Plus I’m think that they’re mistaking my kindness for weakness, distill it with meanness
With some kind of back flipping burgers on the grill for some peanuts
Secure us to arenas, call me Gilbert Arenas, still appeal to the dreamers
I made it to the silverscreen where Rocky stepped with the demons
Khalil on the beat cause making the beat ain’t the same feeling to me is killing the beat
It’s overfilling to me, what filling a seat is
That sound, vomit, thirst and how common underground commons eat
Outsider stomach growl, throbbing hunger
Out-rhyming everyone, God just give me one shot
I swear that I won’t let you down
I’mma be around forever, entertain even in the ground
You ain’t ever gonna hear me say I ain’t

[Gwen Stefani:]
Here to stay
Even when I’m gone
When I close my eyes
Through the passage of time
Kings never die
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Kings never die


Eminem – Kings Never Die (Snippet)

eminem kings never die snippet e1435449119242 Eminem   Kings Never Die (Snippet)

Eminem releases this “Kings Never Die” snippet on his vine, and so it begins its viral circulation. It is just a snippet, but Eminem sounds pretty tight on this one with his usual flow. Eminem’s wordplay is insane and it doesn’t seize in Kings Never Die. When the full track drops I’ll post it on the site. Oh yeah, and it features Gwen Stefani, but all I hear is Eminem in the snippet.

Eminem – Mockingbird

eminem mockingbird Eminem   Mockingbird

Ask and you shall receive. Eminem – Mockingbird.

Eminem – Murder Murder

eminem murder murder therealjmic e1435277606113 Eminem   Murder Murder

Eminem dropped “Murder Murder” on the Slim Shady EP in 1997. Storytelling is a long lost art form.

Eminem – No Love ft. Lil Wayne

eminem lil wayne no love e1434856454775 Eminem   No Love ft. Lil Wayne

Eminem and Lil Wayne made No Love when Eminem was making his comeback. I remember being super ecstatic when I heard they were going to do a couple collaborations. Lil Wayne kills his verse in his classic style and this is one of the top Eminem verses of all time, which is saying a lot considering how many there are. This will be a classic one day.